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You’ve inspired me. I’m ready to bring back my inner goth.

All of my followers, please go buy a gauzy grey sweater, a black dress, grey or maroon leggings, black legwarmers, and tight black combat boots. Spooky ghost slouchy optional. We are going to be so cute in the rain this fall.

My headphones are pretty good at noise cancellation I think, but part of me kind of hopes the person next to me has a story to tell tonight about the goth girl in skull print who listened to “Hotel Yorba” on repeat for the entirety of a forty minute bus ride.

  • My room is upstairs facing north and the bed fits in this cozy cranny under a sloped wooden ceiling. There’s a fluffy white dog in the yard across the street that watches me move around in the kitchen, and a neighborhood cat who comes to visit every week or so. I’m buying cat treats for her today so she’ll start coming over more often.
  • I found a sushi place within walking distance that sells $9 sashimi bowls with tons of rice and these fat stacks of raw salmon on top.
  • I’m learning how to use public transit for the first time in my life. You actually pull those strings to make the bus stop, that’s a real thing, not just something that happens on Hey Arnold. I listen to music on the train and look at the water and feel like I’m in an anime. I got lost in a kind of shady part of town with a dead phone at one in the morning and a few nice people saw me looking worried in front of the station and told me what to take, drew me a map, then folded me in a group hug when I blindly reached out for them because I was so GRATEFUL.
  • There are piercing shops everywhere and I almost spontaneously walked into one last night to get this done. I don’t have my lobes pierced but I think I want these on the left side, smallest rings possible, dark metal. It’s already cool enough here to wear light jackets and combat boots and I’ve gone full tilt alternative again.

I’m totally in love with my new city.


CREEPY CUTE TEMPORARY TATTOOS ARE HERE!  i truly die at how adorable they are!

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My roommate and I had this pic framed in our living room and introduced them to guests as our sons.


i needed to punch my paranoia in the face and also practice drawing wolves so I took both of them out in one swing


In Seattle, Washington, an aged and allegedly “haunted” coke machine has been in the same spot for over fifteen years, but despite its outward appearance the machine is fully functional. In fact, the machine has always worked. Some of the drinks it dispenses are normal Coke products, but some are products that are no longer on the market and don’t exist any more. Some of the buttons are labeled as a “mystery” and give a random product when pushed. The business closest to it, a locksmith, state that they have never witnessed anyone restocking the machine at any time, No one ever has, and the mystery of it has attracted tons of people to test out the machine for themselves. It’s also pretty interesting to note that the prices for the sodas have risen over time, recently being from 55 cents to 75. I guess ghost machines have to pay the bills somehow.

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