The French called this time of day “l’heure bleue.” To the English it was “the gloaming.” The very word “gloaming” reverberates, echoes—the gloaming, the glimmer, the glitter, the glisten, the glamour—carrying in its consonants the images of houses shuttering, gardens darkening, grass-lined rivers slipping through the shadows. During the blue nights you think the end of day will never come. As the blue nights draw to a close (and they will, and they do) you experience an actual chill, an apprehension of illness, at the moment you first notice: the blue light is going, the days are already shortening, the summer is gone.

Joan Didion, Blue Nights  (via mother-iron)

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El remanso del aire
bajo la rama del eco.
El remanso del agua
bajo fronda de luceros.
El remanso de tu boca
bajo espesura de besos.

The still pool of air
under the branch of echo.
The still pool of water
under a frond of stars.
The still pool of your mouth
under a thicket of kisses.

Federico García Lorca, Remansos: Variación (via drakontomalloi)

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Sailor Moon screenshot wallpapers sized for iPhone 4/4s.

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Disney’s Fantasia (1940)

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I am feeling massive social anxiety today but I went wandering and found this sweatshirt that says Dead Guys on the front and on the sleeves are a bunch of portraits of guys who have died (Eazy E, James Dean, Albert Einstein, etc.) so I’m looking pretty fly.

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  • Pan, avatar of dionysus and the primal urge: ahaha friends let us lose ourselves in wine and song
  • me, internally: jesus christ keep it down
77. nondum patiens: she is not yet submissive, not broken by the god … Norden, discussing plena deo [full with the god] (see on 50 f.), notes a possible sexual meaning in patiens [from patior, to suffer or endure] and in domans, premendo [from domo, to domesticate, tame, master & premo, to press] (80), the Sibyl being considered as the ‘bride’ of Apollo: this is unnecessary.

This note from Austin’s commentary on Aeneid VI covers two of my favorite things: sexual language in descriptions of oracular possession + DRY ACADEMIC SHADE.

I took a brief nap in the sun in the reading room and now I’m spending my whole afternoon pulling books that are so old the names are worn off the spine, tracking down creepy stuff about Sibyl possession scenes. I can’t believe this is my life.


joyriding [official video]

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