Title: A More Perfect Union Artist: Titus Andronicus 26 plays

One of my closest friends is an east coast Tony Stark extrovert with an actual heart of gold. My mom fondly refers to him as “The Most Interesting Man In The World.” He’s currently in Brooklyn grinding a multi-job hustle and still finding time to listen to and engage with my opinions on people in comic books. I often wonder why he chose to reach out and make friends with the hermetic cave pale basement dweller in his Greek class, but I’m crazy glad he did.

Anyways, he recommended this album and I’m obsessed with it. It’s basically a bunch of brawling Jersey punk anthems/battle hymns with tons of references to the Civil War. Listening to it makes me miss him and his plaid flannel shirts and punked-up Irish binge drinking and insightful social commentary and awesome bear hugs a lot.

oh my god I love you please come to MTL so I can strap you into rollercoasters


Real talk: I have the textbook definition of a weak constitution but also love the sensation of feeling feelings, so basically my life is a constant give and take between enjoying Emotions in every part of my body, then huffing frantically in a paper bag.

Like, last year my sister finally convinced me to go on Space Mountain, right. For the first half I was screaming. Just screaming, non-stop. Then abruptly I went quiet for the rest of the ride. When we pulled into the space station there were tear tracks on my face that I DON’T REMEMBER CRYING, and my sister was laughing because she thought I’d died or something, but it turns out I’d just regressed to a childlike state of shock because flashing lights, falling, THE SPACE GHOST, I GUESS.

It’s like an actual fairytale curse. I am genuinely obsessed with scary things, and I am trapped in the form of a human fainting goat. I occasionally have panic attacks because MOVIE THEATER PREVIEWS ARE TOO STIMULATING. Once I made myself physically sick because I was listening to the Star Trek XI “Labor of Love” track in my car and it made me too sad. I had to pull over in my car. The Star Trek XI soundtrack.

One time playing Super Smash Bros my sister beat CPU Mario with a fire flower and grimly muttered “Hoisted by his own petard” as he tried to jump back to the platform. Sometimes I’ll randomly remember this, like, stuck in traffic or trapped in a meeting at work, and I lose my shit.

Title: Death Speaks: No. 1, You Will Return Artist: Shara Worden, Owen Pallett, Bryce Dessner & Nico Muhly 38 plays

Last night I had one of those really serious panic attacks because I’m going to die. Like, not the vague passing thought you shut down really quick—I mean I was lying in bed thinking about the exact point in the future where I’ll take a breath, then not take another breath, and knowing with absolute certainty that it’s going to happen.

So I was really tired this morning when I stumbled on “Death Speaks,” an classical ambient (?) album by David Lang with stripped instrumentation and these haunting, almost operatic vocals. (If you like The Decemberists’ “Hazards Of Love,” the vocalist is the FOREST QUEEN, aka Shara Worden.)

Inspired by Schubert’s “Death and the Maiden,” the album is a five movement love song from Death (and one eighteen minute cello track that was apparently commissioned for a funeral home in Paris). Death is personified as a cool distant friend: a pale companion trailing after you in the shadows, keeping you company when you’re alone, closing doors behind you. She wants to protect you from “the forest, the flowers, your dreams.” She loves everything about you, so much it almost seems to make her sad: your body, your face, “I am full of joy for you, and I am full of grief… my eyes fill with your light.” The usually threatening Death Comes For All message is expressed as universal love for humanity instead. (Though her fondness never loses this longing, almost predatory edge—“Please don’t make me make you follow me.”)

Long story short, this album somehow made me feel a lot better about how I’m going to die. Death seems like well-meaning and kind enough. You should listen to this album when you feel scared about dying.

I’m adding this to the list of things ruining my life.


Went out to see the blood moon last night and couldn’t find it because of buildings.

A triumphant early post from one of my best buds, who is now on Tumblr.

Azog the Defiler’s coming to my local comiccon. Along with Gimli, the black Power Ranger, and the voice of the piggy bank from Toy Story.

I’m reading a biography about John Lennon and apparently “Strawberry Field” was the name of a gloomy Gothic mansion a short walk from where he grew up. No strawberries grew anywhere on the grounds. It was used as a refuge for orphan girls. Small John Lennon would linger outside the iron gates and peer up at the house a lot.

So that song just got 8000x more metal.