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Spirited Away (2001)

Once youve met someone, you never really forget them.”

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i stay my own hand.

"now’s not the time," i whisper, sheathing my screaming anime fight dragon blade forged in the fire of 2005’s gaia online anime fight forums.

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WELL SO FAR — basically I am obsessed with small creative details and there are SO MANY IN THIS SHOW, like Appa’s Ghibli teeth and the beautiful painted backgrounds and the way Aang Avatar always interacts with the environment in an interesting way. Like the fights are amazing but I love that in the most mundane moments of the show, he’s lightly touching down and hopping and flipping in a visually very interesting way? THE EFFORT IS APPRECIATED.

Also wow is this narrative dredging up all my horrible feelings about Child Chosen Ones, ha ha ha. Remember when Aang tried to fight a whole fleet of ships and he’s all excited when he destroys two of them, but then his face falls when he sees that there like a million more. And he lands looking very tired and says “There are too many, I can’t fight them all,” and clearly without even thinking someone replies, “But you have to! You’re the Avatar!” And Aang sadly responds, “I’m just a kid”? MY LIL CARTOON SON

Also I am a third of the way through the Earth scroll and Zuko seems to be very reluctantly entering a chrysalis of character development, so likely I will have Feelings about him too when he crawls out as humanity’s crankiest fire-breathing butterfly, hopefully with a full head of hair and more fully developed ability to express affection and gratitude to his uncle.

On this topic WOW I TREASURE UNCLE IROH SO MUCH and if Aang wasn’t so INCREDIBLY WONDERFUL Uncle Iroh would be far and away my favorite character because he is inarguably the best.

The ancient weeb spirit that lives in my belly drives me to watch anime biennially, like salmon to spawn, so I started watching Avatar and I’m going to finish season 1 tonight and so far my verdict is that the title young man, “Aang” Avatar, is the sweetest most wonderful little person I have ever encountered and WOW I JUST LIKE HIM SO MUCH AND GENUINELY WISH HIM THE BEST ON HIS JOURNEY!!!!!!

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“When you lose touch with inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself. When you lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in this world“

who even is this asshole

gracefullytripping asked: I'm crying and I want to get "shhh" tattooed on my finger :(

I KNOW! Possibly the most important character traits of gentle-hearted meatball Chris Evans are his self acceptance + kindness to himself! Remember when he not only has anxiety but also openly talked about going to therapy?

It’s so funny how noisy my brain is - that’s what it does, it makes thoughts.”

I’ve said a lot of things about my anxiety disorder brain and LET ME TELL YOU, very few of them were this fond and understanding!! LET’S ALL TREAT OURSELVES THE WAY CHRIS EVANS TREATS CHRIS EVANS.